/Plan your wedding as no one has ever planned!

Plan your wedding as no one has ever planned!

A wedding is a magnificent representation of a heaven-made match. It is the tiny details that enrapture the guests in a wedding reception, from antique photo-booths to hanging gardens; every bit helps to leave lasting impressions. But how do you work out the nitty-gritty of the best way of personalizing it? We have a fair idea of making the Instagram-worthy wedding come alive after watching loads of wedding dreams unfold at proper wedding venues.

Instead of attempting to mimic others, the trick is always to pursue your own story, go back to history to the moment you first laid eyes on each other, and then plunge again into the path that took you to this day. Re-creating your tale brings a very original and distinctive touch to the ceremony. Also, shared hobbies, travel interests, history, cultures all pass off as excellent sources of inspiration for the wedding decor (especially if you both come from different backgrounds). Your wedding can eventually only be yours. You can find the perfect wedding reception venues with us.

1. Monogram it-The Wedding Decoration!

Use customized stamps of you and partner’s initials in the venue for the perfect personalized touch: on the tables, at the door, napkins, and favors. Choose light colors, however, such as silver or white and gold. The idea is to personalize it subtly, not yell it out in flashy hues.

2. Wedding Cake Toppers Customized

Everyone will get a slice of the three-tier wedding cake, and what better way to get themed cake toppers? For your rustic retro wedding, think of seashells as cake toppers to accentuate your beach-themed wedding or a vintage car replica.

3. With the Wedding Reception Menu, Get Imaginative

With the food at your luxury wedding reception, get imaginative. You may ask the caterers to add your favorites to the wedding menu or go for a mix of western cuisines from both your hometowns. From the North, South Indian to Italian or Greek, an eclectic buffet offering loads of choices could go a long way. You can also base it on your wedding theme-think coconut-based cuisine and seafood for a beach wedding.

4. Distinctive Wedding Venue Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements at your venue have a lot of space for innovative mixing, much like the menu. Instead of traditional chairs or bales of hay and floor cushions, consider wooden benches. The limit is the sky. Your seating arrangements should also be equally comfortable for the guests, but don’t only be influenced by the aesthetic aspect.

5. Don’t Miss the Fun Photo-booth

In this tech-savvy, selfie-driven age, who doesn’t want to have a dedicated photo booth in photos clicked? No one is the solution (unless you are 90 and can’t be bothered by this pattern anymore). You could have your photographer click on the pictures for the perfect DSLR shot and then surprise your guests later by giving them little thank you notes along with their Polaroid images, isn’t that super fun?

6. Wedding Menu on Marble Table

Get your creative engines going and display the feature menu on marble or have them written in elegant fonts and calligraphy styles across plates, i.e., if you are allowed by your budget.