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Why Business Cards Still Matters in 2021

Some argues that business cards are outdated. Some say that business cards are a waste of money and that most of the time, people don’t use them once you hand them out. Others might say that social media platforms and apps push back the need for the traditional business card. All of the mentioned justifications are not enough to stop you from having a business card. Business cards have become more innovative and attractive than ever. 

Why is it essential to have business cards?

Business cards are always important when it comes to professional networking. Business cards for startups and sellers are worth investing in 2021. They can convince people to sponsor your brand, get leads, and leave a lasting impression. Today, there is more creativity and thoughtfulness about how people make their business cards stand out. 

Contrary to what many may think, it is always advisable to carry business cards with you. However, to all the people to whom you give your business card, they will save it, and they will already have your contact and information, so they can quickly locate you through digital means. Besides, business cards have become part of a ritual that we can see in every work meeting. Business card designs and concepts speak volumes about the person or company they represent. 

Tips to stand out with your business card

Business cards continue to be a handy tool for SME employees and the commercial success of the company. Hire a designer to introduce you to various models. Adapt the style of your card to the type of business it represents. Each SME has its characteristics that must be reflected consistently in all its communication. It offers a creative and personalized design. 

Pay special attention to the type of paper you are going to use. Opt for a standard size. Do not think that choosing a size larger than usual or smaller will help you sell more. Business cards must be consistent with the rest of the communication elements of your SME. 

Put in them only the necessary information – who you are, what you do, company name and logo, social networks, website, etc. Take advantage and include social network ID, a list of your most essential products and services, other branches of your SME, etc. Choose a typeface that is not too modern, legible and professional looking. Finally, remember to always hand over the card at the end of the meeting. 


On the one hand, we must bear in mind that the card’s shape and size will tell a lot about us. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose good quality material and of suitable thickness. Ideally, the card should include the company’s corporate logo and the full name, the postal and electronic address, and the telephone number through which they can contact you.