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Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Guide

What is a Soft Serve Ice Cream?

It’s a simpler method to make delicious soft serves than most would believe! In essence, soft serve is either aerated ice cream or ice cream combined with air. Usually, the “overrun,” or volume of air applied to the ice cream is kept between 35 percent – 45 percent to preserve the flavor and consistency while still creating a light and fluffy texture. Like standard ice cream, any less and the soft serving will be solid, while any more will cause a loss of flavor and a consistency that will not hold its shape.

How to make Ice Cream from Soft Service?

The standard soft serving begins with only two ingredients: a combination of cold water and soft ice cream. When combined, the air is either mixed with the soft liquid served by continuous stirring in a system just before it is frozen or, with a pressurized air pump, is controllably pushed into the liquid. The effect is a thinner, smoother-textured type of ice cream until the liquid mix freezes, which has been a favorite treat for decades.

Installation Type for Soft Serve Machine

Some of the types are:

Soft serving equipment is mainly divided into one of two variants: countertop and floor systems. Countertop machines are intended to sit conveniently on a countertop, as their names suggest, whereas floor versions are more significant and built to stand on floors.

With a smaller profile, Countertop units are more lightweight. They are suitable for front-of-house service and are easier to run and maintain in general. On the other side, floor model units only require floor space and, as countertop units do, do not require a countertop.

Unique Features of Soft Serve Machine

Some features are:

Many machines come fitted with a range of additional features to boost your soft serve ice cream’s consistency and make the manufacturing process even more straightforward. Understanding each feature’s purpose will help you determine which features are best for your ideal machine to include.

Agitator of Hopper

A hopper agitator, available as an option on some high-end models, slowly stirs the hopper’s liquid to increase the quality of the product and prevent product separation.

Air Pump

For the production of light, creamy soft serving treats, an air pump is necessary. Before freezing, the air pump adds air to the ice cream mix; resulting in the cleaner, lighter soft-serve item we all know and love.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Soft Serve Machine

As with every piece of equipment in the food service industry, frequent servicing and thorough cleaning of your soft serving system are crucial to avoid contamination. Customer safety is a concern. By completely sanitizing your system regularly, the best way to ensure that your customers will enjoy delicious and nutritious frozen treats is.